Working on game creation Unity


Lately I’ve been getting back in video game creating and reason why is because I want to create the greatest story ever told with using video games as a platform.  I don’t have that much experience in video game creating but as a child I always wanted to make one and with so much technology and free resources might as well give it one more try! One Platform I am learning to use is call Unity. Unity is video game engine that you can use for free or pay for personal and commercial uses that’s also is royalty-free if you are interested in making a earning with it.




I been only working on unity for at lease an hour or two and I have to say as a beginner it very simple to use. Now obviously I did just pick it up and just start using it like a champ but I have been following a tutorial to get me started which this is the link here!


Unity interface is easy to use and navigate through as well it is simple to customize the way you see fit! There is plenty of resources that are free and that cost as well for you to use and work with but if you like me you like working from scratch.

If you are looking for a Game engine to start with Unity is a great place to start with!


Sony Blaze


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