10 hour on Unity Game Engine


I’ve been working on Unity for at least accumulation of 12 hours give or take I have to say so far I’m enjoying it! I’m loving the platform and all it has to offer and the best thing about it is you can use it for free for the personal use! The best part of it all you can use it for commercial use and it royalty-free meaning you can make a earning without no problem!

Currently I am building my first game which is a simple simple box with simple obstacles that are boxes to with simple controls but it’s a simple game that I made on my own with the help the help of Brackeys tutorial that was real helpful which you can find here.

Brackeys Unity tutorial For Beginner




After having going through those 10 to 12 hours of working on it I feel a lot more comfortable with C sharp and programming all to together and to make a pretty decent game! I know it going to take much more work and I have a long way to go before I can make a AAA Game but I willing to put in that work!


Now I know it going to take some hard work and dedication but I am ready for it. The first game I was thinking of making this going to be a beat’em up Runner game which I am just waiting for the artist that I’m working with to finish the first character and to see what we will do from there then I have to find me a tutorial and how to build a beat him up game on Unity from the ground up!

Can’t wait for that to be done.

Just a quick update and exactly why what’s going on thank you have a nice day!

Sony Blaze

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