Being Consitent In this Journey (this is not a tip)

giphyWhen changing your life it’s not easy process. It’s downright difficult especially when you live lifestyle like me that wasn’t productive and lazy LOL.

One of the hardest things that I’m finding that’s most difficult is staying consistent. It’s really easy for the initial start and change one morning or one day and say that you going to change your life. After that you have the initial start with a real good spirit that says alright let’s go but then you hit the slope.

bld064146 I don’t know what you call it but it’s that time when you just want to give up, you just can’t get into things and you begin to fall and fail over and over again. You feel lost and unmoticated to do anything.  One of the main hardest things that I have found when you are dealing with this slope is staying consistent.

Being consitent is one of the hardest thing to deal with when making a different in yoiur life.  I gotten tips from videos that I watch,  book that I read, blogs, post online that I seen and advice a got from other but the main thing that you have to do once I heard over and over again is not to give up just and stay consistent.

That’s why you should call it a journey because there will be times that you will fail and you will fall often! There is no perfect Road, there is no perfect path, there is no perfect Journey all it is is just a journey and you have to find a way to enjoy and move through the pain in the best way you can.

Now I have to go ahead and man up, boss, up leader up and get this work done because nobody else is going to do it but I!

What is some of the difficulties you are going through in your journey?

Please leave something down in the comment section and let me know!

Sony Blaze

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