Social media addiction

One thing I’ve been learning about taking this journey of self-discovery is every once in awhile you have to get off of social media. You just need to unplug off the net for a little bit. Bet that surprised you didn’t it LOL! To be honest it’s something that we really have to do every once in awhile because it can really wreck havoc in our lives!

Now I know what you thinking that’s one of the most obvious things that you can say Sony Blaze. Well with that I say yes and social media is like a drug that is very addictive! These social media platforms have developers who research everyday how to make you stay on those apps consistently.

Now I’m not a expert on addiction of social media but as an individual from time to time who does have this addiction knows firsthand. There be nights that I be up all night scrolling down Instagram or Facebook aimlessly just looking. With those nice one thing I did learn if you’re going to be on social media for that long use it to your advantage!

Instead of looking at things that doesn’t serve you delete people and pages that do nothing for you and keep the ones that lift their spirits. If you want to know more about that please like, share in comment this post!

Sony Blaze

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