Thoughts on RPG Maker


RPG Maker is a game engine that you can make your own RPG game with a very simple interface to use and a very large community that backs it. Very customizable with plenty of resources in the internet . The current version  that is out as of writing this  is RPG Maker MV.

The engine itself is very simple to use is but powerful and useful! If you don’t have no coding experience no problem! Don’t have no game development experience no problem! Just pick up a copy and get straight to work. Whatsoever it does take work for you to make a good game though.

The only problem that I do have with the RPG Maker game engine are the map layout tiles! Graphic wise they look great but when it’s time for level design the way how they layout is to block you from me. To me it looks like I’m making a map off of Minecraft which I don’t mind but I need more curves. Other than that there’s not too many problems that I do have with it but if I do I’ll let you know.


The customization within RPG Maker is magnificent with plenty of support to back it. You don’t have to use the default graphics music or Scripts that are provided within the game engine is self. If you need to know where some of these places where you can get the resources here’s a site here!

If you always wanted to make your own jrpg game but didn’t have the Cody know how then RPG Maker is the game engine for you! Is very simple to use, with a great community, plenty of resources to grab and a great way to get into the indie game industry if you ever wanted to try it out for yourself.


If you had tried RPG Maker yourself please let me know that in the comment section on your thoughts of it

Sony Blaze

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