If you’re not putting that work then shut up

You want to be an actor. You want to be a singer. You want to be an athlete. You want to be a scientist, or whatever it is but have you done any of the work? If the answer is no then shut up!

(Quick disclaimer I’m not talking about anyone or bashing Heroes please read the whole article)

I know that it seem kind of harsh but there is a method to my outburst. It’s easy to say that you want to be all these things. Also I know there’s many people who make it look glamorous with the achievements and accomplishments they have. There is a difference between them and where we’re at and yes I say we LOL. The short answer to this question is work.

A lot of times we spent all day looking at these people doing these amazing things and doing these amazing feats. There’s no problem in examining or studying their greatness but what are you doing? You spend hours on watching, studying your favorite heroes or heroines but all you doing is just wasting your time that you can using to work on yourself. Once again there’s nothing wrong in having role models to study them from time to time but you are doing them a dishonor by sitting in the sidelines and only dreaming.

These role models it took years of practice and work! Many failures, many broken promises and bones at times! Wrong decisions, hit and miss and many “I can’t do this”! The one thing that they have in common is the attitude of not giving up.

So it’s time to shut up and get to work! In order to get towards your destination you got to get up and put in them 10,000 hours.

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