Getting to the dream?

Before we start

Before anything 👁 haven’t achieve my 😐larger dreams so if you are looking the secret in achieving your dreams come back in a few 🙄months lol😂  👁not at that level YET!




Getting There

Getting to the 😎dreams is easier say than 😰done…





👁know… yea… 👁 having a hard 🕐 as we speak. What 👁 learning now when you at the point of when you stop thinking🤔 about it but LIVING 🏄🏿about it there WILL be 🕐 where you just don’t know.


What 👁 finding is that at these time where you need… to…to?….to? Trust the process🙇🏿. At this point 👁 don’t know where to go and how to go about it but one thing 👁 do know I still here! (After writing that line 👁 just smile. 😁)






Don’t Give Up

Why are we such in a rush🏃🏿 to go to the end of our dreams and don’t live in them in the now🤔? (That was straight top of my dome 😆) We have to learn that our dreams are not distance 🌌reality but in the here and now.(👁 love my fucking mind)


What we fear about achieving these dreams is that we are not worthy🙅🏿 to have them. That we don’t deserve them😟. That we have done some fucked up😔 things. That we can’t be forgiven. Look we still 🙂 here and we still have a chance.




Remember there will be 🕐  when it get hard and you WILL be lost just trust the process. Even though you may be wrong you still got a chance to redeem yourself. There your dreams don’t hold on to them be them!



Sony Blaze



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