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Fail to Plan. Plan to Failure.

One thing that been a going theme that I been seeing is that you must have a plan. If you “fail to plan Plan to failure” and that ring soooooooo true😧. I had soooooo many projects that die in the way side because I didn’t have a plan that I needed to follow. Fast foward a few years, broken heart, no money (at the moment of writing this still have barely no money 😂) and a lot of mistake that 👁made that got me to a new mindset and alot better at planning. Just like 👁 said in a few other post before. 👁am not a expert but that is only what 👁’ve experience and learn for myself and wanted to share with you.


When start off

When you are making plan and you want good Execution one thing 👁 need you to realize is you must start small. This is one of the main thing that keep me stuck. 👁 go out and make these huuuuuge plans (lol😂) and get so overwhelmed that 👁quit before 👁start. There is nothing wrong and making grand master plan but you must first know how to crawl first!


For example: Start each day with just a simple plan like doing 20 push per day until you get easy. If that still to much for you break it down to 10 and so on and so on. You must get you mind prime and ready first before you get to caught those big 🐟. When it come down to it don’t fight a level 100 boss if you level 1 just work your way up.

Execution is KEY for any successful plan to work out. 👁 know with all the failed plans 👁 had😂. What make a good execution is work and practice. All the great didn’t become great because of one hit wonder and over night success no 😏 silly billy they put in those hours. You have practice, review and study those plans until it become second nature.

When it come to making plans and carrying out. YOU MUST START SMALL AND PRACTICE. If you don’t you be where I am starting all over again😆!

Anyway let me know what step you take to make plans and executing them?

One love Sony blaze

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