The tough road of being self-made

Being self-made or attempting to be self made is not an easy path and it is not for the faint of hearts. I should know because I am nowhere near the level that I should be or should I say that I want to be while walking on this path. At this moment I am beginning to witness of things that looks to be going my way!

One thing I am beginning to understand as well as realizing on this path on this journey of being self-made it takes a lot of work, dedication and passion. This is something that you just can’t say I’m going to do and it magically happens to drop on your lap well atleast not for the most of us.

There are plenty of cases that takes people years to get where they’re at today! When taking this path you have to be mentally prepared. Expect difficult roads and obstacles that will come on your way. What’s most important don’t give up!

It’s amazing the things you will begin to witnessing and start to pay attention to! Also as well as things you heard from other successful individuals from books and videos! You start seeing things that you did in the past like those small Investments, classes, video tutorials, book you read and fail attempts begin to fall into place!

I am not an expert like I mentioned in my other post here and I haven’t made it to the top yet. You can easily say I am at the bottom of the barrel but I’m beginning to witness those things at this moment as of writing this blog! These first few posts are like my journal entries of this journey and you’ll be able to see a witness the growth that I be taking!

Thank you once again Let me know a little bit about your journey down in the comment section. Sony Blaze

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