The artist known as Phyllisia Ross


Phyllisia Ross is one of my favorite singers maybe one of my top favorite singers that I have listened to in recent years.
Phyllisia Ross is a haitian-american that was born in United States who is an independent music artist who’s currently hasn’t release an album but have a few singles that are currently out.Phyllisia-Ross-cant-resist

At a very young age she was playing the piano and never stop ever since! Fast forward a few years, and she’s becoming one of the top Haitian American artists that I seen so far. I haven’t met her yet but I can tell she has a very humble spirit, a very kind heart and a very high intelligence.

She did feature with a few artists like Jah Cure, Flo Rida and many more! The song and video that launch and started her career L’Union Fait La Force a tribute to Haiti after the devastating earthquake hit it. (you can see the video in top!) Then a few months later one of my favorite songs has been released konsa! (you can see the video in the bottom)


As of this post the most current song and video that she has release is Pi Bon. Go check out the video today.

From L’Union Fait La Force to Pi Bon I’ve been seeing a steady growth of a great artist who’s been flying with their own wings! Phyllisia Ross keep growing from Sony blaze much love💓💓💓








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