IT a lot easier with people!

Hello hello hello!

Welcome to my corner of the universe I am your very knowledgeable creative mind Sony Blaze welcome.

So I just got done doing a quick 2 second animation which it took a lease an hour and a half to draw but I have to say I am proud of myself!

You could actually watch me draw this animation live on my YouTube right now here if you was curious about the process that I was taking.

One thing what I have realize when I was drawing this animation is I have came to the realization that it becomes a lot easier when there’s a crowd or at least get one supportive individual helping you through the process.

Now I’m not saying that you can’t do it alone but especially easier when you have someone in your corner. Plus what I’m trying to do is make an earning by broadcast all of the project I am doing online and like I said it’s a lot easier when you have a audience that is very supportive!

And with a supportive fan base that I have I will continue on doing my live of my drawing and projects that I’m working on to keep me motivated and focus of them.

Don’t forget to go ahead and join me on YouTube twitch and Facebook to see my journey

This has been Sony Blaze see you next time

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sonyblaze333 · May 31, 2021 at 00:04

It is a lot easier with people supporting you!

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