Stop under prices your services (Graphic Designers)

With this day in age it’s so much easier for people to get into graphic design but even though it’s easy to get into it it’s not easy to stay in it as a full-time profession if you don’t know how to price yourself.

Recently I got kicked out of a group called (black business owners) for putting out this concern that I have. Now I’m not angry that I got kicked out more less surprised especially cuz I wasn’t spamming but life happens.

Now other than that I’ve been noticing a trend not just in that group but to other places where individuals who drastically underpricing for they services.

Now I understand that people need to get sales and there’s competition but what I don’t understand is why you under price so much and when you do that it makes it a lot harder for actual Professionals for Freelancers to get a actual decent clients. Once again I’m not knocking anybody who is trying to make ends meet but please stop underpricing your skills because it’s hurting everybody.

Ask for now that is enough for my rant


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