What is a Philocka?

A Philocka is a individual who is from the ghettos, the hoods and inner-cities who share and teach their knowledge, their wisdom and their philosophy from the accumulation of their experiences they have gain from their lives to help other so they can too rise and get out of the situation they’re in.

In short I made it for black people but anyone can use it but I CREATED FOR BLACK PEOPLE.

How the word itself came up.

Philocka is philosophy and block combine with an a at the end to give a urban twist to it.


Why I came up with it?

One day I was on youtube and I was looking for philosophers but then I was like how do I find black philosophers then which that thought became how can I find something like a black philosophers without putting black anything so I came up with philocka that our thing.


Who can use it?

It for black people but I not stopping no one but let it be know who it for.

Final Thoughts

In all this is something I thought of and want to share the world who is will to listen.


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