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The Importance of Creating Our Own Black Heroes

By Stanley S. Joseph


I wanted to continue the discussion as a blog from the episode of “The Importance of Creating Our Own Black Heroes” with Nigel Carrington the Founder of Starr Skills Comics on “Deep Talk With Sony Blaze” which you can listen to it HERE! I have to say it was a great comeback as well a convo with Nigel! I had a great time doing this episode and I want to thank Nigel for being a guest on my show! With that being said I wanted to try something new to bring more content for Deep talk by writing After episode blog to share more of my thoughts! Also sorry for the bad grammar you will witness lol!

We Have to Tell our stories

One of the main take away that I have gotten from the conversation was we as black people need to be the one to control and tell our stories, our legends, our heroes, our history because no one else but us can tell those stories! When another group of people start telling stories about black people and our experience they are only telling it through their perspective their lens so it will always be obscure. Now there is nothing wrong with telling a story or history about a group of people but if you don’t understand the culture, the history, THE PEOPLE it will never resonate with those people you are trying to target.

I live in America and even though a lot of American culture is black culture but a lot of media, news and institutions is mainly white dominant so most of media that we see is through the lens of white people. Also American history is not the best history for black people at all starting from slavery, oppression, racism, drugs, gangs, violence, property and trauma it is very difficult being black in America. With that the stories that are being told from a Non-Black creator that is targeting black people will never give the compete story and correct story that need to be told to a black audience.

More Black Creators

One of the Main solution that we can do is to have more Black Creator tell our stories so who but us can tell a better stories about us than us! When I was growing up one of my escapes was cartoons but since the lack of representation there was always something missing. Their was a few characters that was non-human that you can tell they was black but since they was Non-human they just wasn’t human lol. If there was a human black person is was mostly likely a big, bald or nappy hair, disgusting looking, unintelligent , big red lips black person. Like WTF! Black people wasn’t the only ones who had a bad and terrible descriptive for explain Asian people.

That is why we need more black Creator making our stories! Once again who but us can tell a better stories about us.

Once we have more creators it give the youth the impression that black people can be more than Rappers, Singers, Athletes, Drug Dealers, Gangsters, Hoes, Strippers but anything they can think of.

A lot of imagery is only depictive of black people being nothing more than criminals or Savages which is wrong especially when you look at the history of a certain group on people who history is nothing but violence.


When it come down to it. We need to control our Media and no one else if we don’t the stories that will always be told about us will never put us in a better light and it will greatly effect the future as well.

Thank you for your time Don’t forget to Comment, Like and Share! I would love to here your thoughts on this subject and my grammar lol! Not to worry I will get me an editor real soon. Most Likely they are having a hard time now reading this lol.

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