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Welcome to “Deep Bites With Sony Blaze” Where you get Little Bites of content In-between to hold over your hunger for “Deep Talk With Sony Blaze” Episodes! I am your Philocka Sony Blaze welcome to my corner of the Universe!

What Inspired the episode

Today we are taking a Deep Bite about “Our Problems Could Be Worst!” then what that could be!

This episode was inspired by the Wise Words of “Mike Epps” of a clip on one of his special which you can watch it HERE! With the music that play on the back ground of the clip which is Snoh Aalegra – DO 4 LOVE brought those word more to life!!! Now Snoh Aalegra the way you sing that song just GREAT!!!!

Why “Our Problems Could Be Worst”

Our Issues really could be worsted than what it is! Now I know that it’s something that most of us really don’t want to hear but it can! I’ve witness people who been kick out and lost their homes, Domestic Violence, People getting arrested, People getting beat up, People losing their love one and more yet a lot of use are complaining about little shit that in a week it wouldn’t even matter!

Someone Praying to have you issues

I know your problems and Issues is a lot for you right now and I not disregarding them but as we speak, as you reading this blog and me writing this their are people who wishing, praying, working, crying to be where we are now so thank the most high where you at now!


Anyway let me know what you think of this first episode of “Deep Bites With Sony Blaze” and the topic!

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Video Clip: Mike Epps

Music: Snoh Aalegra – DO 4 LOVE

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