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Welcome to “Deep Bites With Sony Blaze” Where you get Little Bites of content In-between to hold over your hunger for “Deep Talk With Sony Blaze” Episodes! I am your Philocka Sony Blaze welcome to my corner of the Universe!

What Inspired the episode

Today we taking a bite about “What it means to be spiritual”!

This episode was inspired by Ohnati video from tiktok which you can watch the full video HERE!

She was speaking about how you can be spiritual without doing what everyone say you need to do to be spiritual and all it is is a way of life which I believe myself!

What does it means to really be spiritual?

Like Ohnati said on the video; it not about wearing “Crystals and Gems“, Aligning your Chakra, going in Lotus poses this or that but YOUR WAY OF LIFE! There is nothing wrong with having “Crystal and Gems” but it is not necessary to do or have these things to be spiritual. There was once upon a time I was into that but slowly I growing into my own way of being.

Another thing is being Spiritual is not the same as being Religious you can still Religious and Spiritual but you don’t have to be Religious to be Spiritual. Once again all it is is a way of life!

Anyone can be Spiritual! Does not matter if you Black, White, Young or old as long as you have a particular view or way of life that what it count.

How to Start?

The best way to start your path to becoming more spiritual is to start!

Yes it sound simple but the most simplest solution is the best solution! If Crystals are something that can help you to get their use them just find things that get you to where you want to be and feel!

There is not wrong or right way to do it. You just got to start.


When it come down to it. Being Spiritual is a way of life and it get no simpler than that!

Peace Much Love and blessing to you

“Welcome to my corner of the universe”

Deep Bites With Sony Blaze!!!

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