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Haitian superhero interview Batman by Kadnass

I love this guy content!!! If you want to follow this guy on Instagram here is his link. Kadnass is a skit artist or whatever you want to call it but he does short clip videos that are very theatrical!


Sitting exercise for abs

Hello Philockas!! Don’t know what a Philocka? Click here! So I was going through Tik Tok and I happened to see this! (Disclaimer) I am not a personal trainer or any kind of expert. The exercise that was demonstrated and


Tiktok singers Wow

I love Tik Tok I admit it it reminds me of Vine! Besides the point. Welcome to my corner of the universe! I am your philocka Sony Blaze! Now I don’t know too much about the two singers I do


Wise Words from Will Smith

I believe this is from swave in morning edition but I could be wrong . But I have to say the words that will said on this clip from the interview is something else

Deep talk with Sony Blaze

The importance of financial literacy part 1

Welcome to my corner of the universe! I am your philocka Sony Blaze! I published my an episode Deep Talk with Sony Blaze The Importance Of Financial Literacy, please check it out here On this episode I had a

Malcolm X family wants to reopen case

Open SmartNews and read “Malcolm X family says letter shows NYPD and FBI conspired in his murder” here: To read it on the web, tap here:

Covid-19 vaccination sites

New mass COVID-19 vaccination site, pop-up clinic coming to Rochester