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My First NFT

Hello! I am your philocka Sony Blaze. Welcome to my corner of the universe. By now you read the title of the post and seen the Digital painting that I have painted! Yes this is my first #NFT that I have created and yes many more will be coming soon


Camera: Logitech C920: Blazen Reviews #1

Intro This Right here! I mean this Right here! Really this Right here! The Logitech C920 webcam is the Truth !!! Thank you for Joining me and welcome to My Corner of the Universe! I am your Philocka and Reviewer Sony Blaze! Welcome to the Blazen Reviews! About the Logitech C920 I


Blue Yeti Review

I Love the Blue Yeti!  I have been  using it for years! It can pick up everything and the sound quality sound like maaagic    The installation of it is  simple all you need to do is plug and play that it! You may have some trouble getting the background noises out but that simple enough.


What is a Philocka?

What is a Philocka? A Philocka is a individual who is from the ghettos, the hoods and inner-cities who share and teach their knowledge, their wisdom and their philosophy from the accumulation of their experiences they have gain from their lives to help other so they can too rise and