The artist known as Phyllisia Ross

Phyllisia Ross is one of my favorite singers maybe one of my top favorite singers that I have listened to in recent years. Phyllisia Ross is a haitian-american that was born in United States who is an independent music artist who's currently hasn't release an album but have a few singles that are currently out. At a very young... Continue Reading →

Random writing #1

What are your dreams? What are your goals? Who are you doing for? Is it from the heart? Why are you doing it? What do you get from it? Who it going to benefit from it? Where are you going with it? What kind of impact it has? Is it worth it? Are you worth... Continue Reading →

Time Will Tell All

Time will tell all! We have to sit back and allow to things to unfold without judgement! Be observant of your surrounding, be observant of your emotions, be observant of your thoughts and wait and see happens. Sometime your mind will play tricks on your and your heart may get hurt but be still, Time... Continue Reading →

Workin on dem skillz!!!

Today I decide to post a few of these stetches that I done to get some feedback. These drawing are the first time in awhile I try my hand on consistently drawing more realistically! I have to say it not that bad! Few weeks I haven't done no stetches and drawing but might right soon... Continue Reading →

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