SBC Podcast #1

It been awhile since I have done anything for any type of media platform! Having a some issue but still striving to get thriving. Any here the SBC podcast #1 Please leave a comment and be genlte lol.


Hello SONY BLAZE HAS RETURNED!... sorry. It be a few months since I have dedicated some time on this blog... yeah... but I back again full time! It time to refresh and restart the sonyblazecorner page! Oh Boi! 

Getting to the dream?

Before we start Before anything haven't achieve my larger dreams so if you are looking the secret in achieving your dreams come back in a few months lol  not at that level YET!     Getting There Getting to the dreams is easier say than done...       know... yea... having a hard as we... Continue Reading →

making plans setting goals

Fail to Plan. Plan to Failure. One thing that been a going theme that I been seeing is that you must have a plan. If you "fail to plan Plan to failure" and that ring soooooooo true😧. I had soooooo many projects that die in the way side because I didn't have a plan that... Continue Reading →

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